I've this one:

and it's off-topic, however another one related to hardware requirements is on-topic:

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Hardware Recommendations was created for questions seeking a *specific* hardware recommendation given a set of definitive requirements. The OS X question was off topic, but the multiple monitor question was salvageable.

If the question is about general computing and hardware issues, it could be asked on Super User; nevertheless, it is outside the scope of this site.


The https://hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/270/what-are-the-pc-hardware-requirements-for-os-x-to-run-on question is asking what system requirements are needed for a hackintosh. There doesn't seem to be a hardware recommendation question hidden in there.

The Graphics card that can support three monitors question, though poorly worded, is actually asking for a graphics card recommendation to meet their requirements of three monitors and their usage pattern.

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