I asked a question two days ago. I did assume I was scratching the edges of the site’s scope, but I didn’t know at the time it was actually outside scope. I do realise that now and I also understand the accompanying downvote I got. No offences in the way my question was handled.

However, I was rather baffled by the close reason suggesting I go to Super User. As a Stack Exchange user typically staying confined in the sites they are active in and not paying much attention to hot network questions, all I knew about Super User is what is written in the list of sites:

For computer enthusiasts and power users.

Nothing in that suggests that I could ask any question related to hardware there and maybe have it be on-topic. It sounds much more like a using-software site. It’s not until I actually open Super User’s tour to find there:

Ask about … Specific issues with computer software, hardware or networking [bolding by me]

There is also this recent meta-question which basically asks why hardware support is off-topic here with an answer stating that some hardware support may be on-topic.

In my opinion, this information should be easier to find for new users to this site (who are already familiar with Stack Exchange in general but not an expert on different sites’ scopes).

I therefore suggest adding a note somewhere along this Stack Exchange’s tour that questions about existing hardware may be on-topic at Super User to prevent others running into this issue.

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I thought we'd already done this, but apparently we hadn't.

I've added a note that Super User may be suitable both at the top of the help center and under the "don't ask about..." section of the tour.

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