I have a question about my Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange post: Need recommendations for a router for use with network cameras

My post was deleted (now on hold) as off-topic. Could someone explain why? The forum is called “Hardware Recommendations” and I’m looking for a specific hardware recommendation. I saw the explanation:

“posts should detail why a simple product search did not work for you. Unfortunately the "requirements" listed are not sufficient to narrow down the possible solutions in any definitive way.”

I have now edited the post to give more requirements and explain why a simple product search is insufficient for the specific question I have (suitability for multiple wifi cameras, not gaming). If this is still not satisfactory, please someone explain why. Also, there is a problem in that if a post is deleted, the system won't let the user revise it by following the edit post link.

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Your post is now much closer to being on-topic than it was in its first iteration. There are two issues remaining that are currently stopping it being reopened.

  1. We do recommendations, not advice.
    Asking for advice about what kind of hardware, or what to look for in hardware when buying, or equivalents, is off-topic. Your post is asking for this: last paragraph:

    I am looking for either: advice on what aspect of the specifications to look for, or, specific recommendations for a brand and model that is known to handle network camera streams without dropping connectivity.

    The first half of this sentence (and the related previous sentence) is off-topic.

  2. There's not quite enough information

    • You've already included that you're looking to support 20 concurrent connections; that's useful. How intermittent (or not) are these connections? I imagine the cameras are almost constant-on; the desktop and mobile devices are currently unknown.
    • How much are you willing to spend on this purchase?
    • What else does the hardware need to support? Do you need any Ethernet connections? Do you need a particular range? Are you willing to consider a router + range extenders, if that's easier/cheaper?

If you can edit your post to address those points, we should be able to reopen it.

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    thank you; I have edited the post to hopefully cover all of the specific points you indicated.
    – mlevin77
    Commented Nov 15, 2019 at 12:32

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