Umm, recently joined Hardware Recommendations; posted a question, which got deleted by a mod (without specifying reason). I flagged it for attention, after which the reason was mentioned as "off-topic", and the question was closed, and rightly so. But it seems, the mod forgot to undelete it. Is it a good idea to flag it for undeletion? Because I frankly don't find deleted questions being marked closed and kept deleted helpful. If these questions are closed instead of deletion, we at least have examples of 'off-topic' posts that are already present, which will prevent others from asking similar ones.

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It's site policy on Hardware Recommendations to both close and delete off-topic posts to help avoid the impression that off-topic posts are okay here; this is part of the strict quality requirements that were a precondition from SE to setting up this site.

  • Umm... How can deleting or closing mean anything otherwise? Jan 12, 2021 at 4:41

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