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Should we have SR-style quality guidelines for questions and answers?

This site is different than most - we're an opinion based site. This topic is the reason 'shopping recommendations' were banned on Stack Overflow. If we don't want to become a spam center, I think we ...
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What is required for a question to be 'high quality'?

This is the question version of What is required for an answer to be 'high quality'? (It is modeled off of What is required for a question to contain "enough information"? from Software ...
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Should we allow software alternatives to hardware requests to be "valid" answers?

Do we allow alternatives to the requested hardware to remain as valid answers? I believe we allow a wide variety of hardware to be an "answer". Not all of the hardware can fulfill all requirements, ...
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Is it a Good Idea for Beta Moderators to Delete Bad Answers Instead of Using the Vote System?

In recent discussion with moderator ArtOfCode of Hardware Recommendations, I was informed that ...this site has overridden [letting votes decide good or bad answers] on Meta, and dictated that ...
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How would you rate HR at this moment?

How would you rate HR at this moment? Is the community active enough? What problems may we encounter in the long run? What do you especially like/dislike about this site?
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Should we delete things that don't match our criteria?

It was proposed, then it was implemented for questions and answers. We have quality guidelines for questions and answers; now, the question is how we enforce them. Now that this site has some ...
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Concerned about answer quality recently

I am concerned about some of the answers we've received recently. We have a post on high quality answer guidelines and it doesn't seem the community is enforcing these. Alternatively, I'm rather ...
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Delete is a last resort, not a first response

I'm new to this particular stackexchange, and admittedly my first answer was not quite in keeping with the general expectations. That's not my point. The specific answer is here: Low-power-draw HD ...
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This forum should be renamed

This site should be renamed "Computer Hardware Recommendations for Computer Techs That Require Validation" And no, I am being very serious here and in no way should you take that as a ...
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Is this site going to die in beta?

I posted as a new user today Memory upgrade suggestions by Crucial . Only 2 views for the question so far in 10 hours (Normally this should be reached to more people at least from the first post ...
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Not Every Question Will Have a Product Recommendation

I just had an answer unilaterally deleted by ArtOfCode who, gave the following reason: Answers generally need to recommend a product. Since this doesn't, I'm deleting it This is so far beyond ...
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What is wrong with my answer

OP asked for a feature that I hate. I gave him a link of mouse that exactly has that feature. How the hell it isn't answering the question? Mouse with separate scroll wheel and middle button ...
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Are there rules for mods to follow when deleting answers?

Are mods to follow a set of rules when deleting posts, or are they given free reign to instantly delete an answer they do not like without giving the OP the chance to edit their answer? I gave an ...
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