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Why was my question closed *after* it was deleted?

Umm, recently joined Hardware Recommendations; posted a question, which got deleted by a mod (without specifying reason). I flagged it for attention, after which the reason was mentioned as "off-...
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How can I ask someone about touchpad standards?

How can I ask a question about touchpad standards?
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Why was my question deleted?

My thoughts on my question being deleted I believe the post below is clearly ON topic. I'm not asking for anyone to debug the situation, merely asking for a recommendation for a compatible card ...
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Let's clean up some broken windows - A proposal for dealing with tech support questions

We've had previous discussions about technical support questions we recieve. Repeatedly. There have been concerns about how many [on hold] or [closed] questions that this places on the main page. ...
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What decision tree should users follow to find the right stack for their question?

It's distressing to see the number of questions misdirected to HardwareRecs and closed. I consider myself reasonably familiar with the Stack Exchange ecosystem, but even I'm not sure what other ...
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How can I make it clear that I'm not asking for support?

I asked this question today: What's the benefit of getting a phone with bigger internal storage that also has an SD card slot? Which got put on hold for this reason: "Technical support request — ...
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Can/should we have a question interstitial for extra guidance?

On new private beta sites, you can't ask a question without first going through an interstitial screen that gives you advice on how to ask during the private beta. I recently did a micro-study into ...
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Was the NISC question correctly closed?

This question has been closed (by three users and a moderator) as 'too broad'. The reason given was this: This question has been closed because it appears to be asking about a very conceptual ...
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Should we edit the sidebar text on the ask page?

As you may have seen, we have an issue with technical support questions. One of the various solutions that has been discussed (proposed in chat and in a meta answer by Andy) is to edit the text in the ...
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What can we do about technical support questions?

Recently, I posted an answer here on meta. In it, I realise that we have a problem with technical support questions - essentially, going on half of our questions are closed, and going on half of those ...
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Clarification on a closed question

This question was closed as off-topic as "Technical Support." Could someone explain why? The OP isn't asking for technical support on fixing hardware. He is looking for hardware to use with a mobile ...
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Moderator closing questions when he is unsure if they are on topic

I have asked this question today and moderator closed it because I'm closing this question because we don't tend to deal with recommendations of manufacturers or stores, only hardware. You can ...
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We're "graduated" to public beta!

If you open the site incognito mode it shows up now :) We can celebrate with whatever!
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