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Should we encourage users not to leave answers as comments?

I just joined this site today. After looking through the first page of questions, I see that many of the questions are answered, but just as a comment (see end of post for list). I understand that ...
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My answer was deleted: Software Defined Radio wrongly considered as "software"?

This question wants a device that can send generated GPS signals over an antenna cable. I gave exactly that in my answer: You can achieve this using an SDR (software-defined radio). It's ...
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5 votes
3 answers

"I recommend waiting..." recommendations - do we want these?

Did you guys hear?! nVidia has a new card! It's Pascal based! It'll be the greatest thing since this generation of nVidia cards! You should totally get it...but you can't yet. HA! So, sit back and ...
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Comment removal philosophy

I really hate to ask this, because it's about a single comment flag, but can we get some clarification on what the moderators consider good vs bad comments? I am asking because a flag I had on the ...
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My, we are a talkative bunch. Should our comments be so chatty?

I've noticed that many of our answers are getting comments akin to "Thanks! This is a great recommendation!" or simply chatter On other SE sites, this type of comment - one that isn't adding more ...
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