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Why was my question closed *after* it was deleted?

Umm, recently joined Hardware Recommendations; posted a question, which got deleted by a mod (without specifying reason). I flagged it for attention, after which the reason was mentioned as "off-...
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A question asking for hardware recommendations got deleted, reasons?

A question I had asked, as shown below, was flagged as "Technical support request" even though I was asking for something that helps with obtaining "pre-purchase hardware ...
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How can I ask someone about touchpad standards?

How can I ask a question about touchpad standards?
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Can I at least have a backup of my deleted question?

Since this forum is witch hunting broad hardware recommendation questions (making this forum useless for apparently 99% of the users), and deleting the question without a single warning, can you at ...
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Using comments for feedback instead of deleting questions

Yesterday I posted a question asking for recommendations about a pair of monitors. I personally thought I had given enough detail on the requirements of this question but a moderator disagreed and ...
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Deleted within hours: where did the question about a laptop recommendation go?

Yesterday, someone asked about a laptop recommendation. The question already had two upvotes last time I checked. And I had already written an answer. And with the latest discussion about what is off- ...
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Restoring a deleted question

Yesterday a put quite a bit of effort in answering a question on HwRecs. Now the question has been deleted for no apparent reason. I did mention a specific retailer, clearly stating that I was using ...
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I do not understand why this post is off-topic:

I have a question about my Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange post: Need recommendations for a router for use with network cameras My post was deleted (now on hold) as off-topic. Could someone ...
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Why deleting questions instead of using site mechanics?

A couple of hours ago I've asked a question and now it is closed and deleted with resolution "Technical support request — Questions asking about troubleshooting hardware or technical support for ...
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Let's clean up some broken windows - A proposal for dealing with tech support questions

We've had previous discussions about technical support questions we recieve. Repeatedly. There have been concerns about how many [on hold] or [closed] questions that this places on the main page. ...
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Question deletion policy?

How do we want to handle deletion of questions? We have a decent number of closed questions. Do some of these need to be removed completely? Now that I've made it to 2K and several others are getting ...
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