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1 answer

Please add more sites to on topic help page regarding electronics

Questions about help with hobbyist electronics are one of the bigger sources of off-topic questions on Hardware Recommendations. Because of this I request that three sites are considered for addition ...
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1 answer

Question Migrate to SuperUser

I have become slightly annoyed with all the on hold tech support questions. If a question is migrated does it leave HR? If it does it seems like they sit around for a long time on HR. Is there a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Searching for non "on-hold" questions

Explanation I know this issue has been addressed before, however right now I seek to create a temporary solution for myself to solve it - the [on-hold] questions. Just searching through recent ...
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1 answer

on-topic meta tag?

Should we have a tag for requesting if something is [on-topic]? There are multiple meta posts here asking if things are on-topic... Are batteries on-topic? Help! What's on-topic here? Laser ...
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why not 'hardware'?

It seems that many new posters' questions are given the close for asking about hardware, giving the reason that the site is for 'hardware recommendations' only, and its scope doesn't extend to other ...
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3 answers

Could we have a 'no research effort' close/flag reason?

Some questions are decent but lack research effort: The standard close reason for this type of question is that they are too broad: Requirements are too broad — This is a community-run website to ...
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