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May I post a question about commissioning and finding someone to build a custom keyboard here?

May I ask this at Hardware beta? How do I commission and find someone to build a custom keyboard? See Need light touch keyboard for neuro problems Also, may I not set a bounty on this site?
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1 answer

How can I ask someone about touchpad standards?

How can I ask a question about touchpad standards?
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Are questions about robot vacuum cleaners on-topic here?

I tend to read all questions on Hardware Recs (since I had 500 rep or something like that), and I stumbled upon the question: Robot Vacuum for Stairs? I don't really know the perfect definition of &...
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2 answers

Is asking for hardware recommendation to run a software too broad?

Where does this question stand in standards of quality for this community? It has been put on hold as off topic for being too broad. I differ from the opinion of moderator @ArtOfCode that it is too ...