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Why not replace the [mp3-player] tag with, for example, [audio-player]?

Most of the devices that get called "mp3 players" in reality do play several audio formats. Also, MP3 is nowadays the most ineffective if compared to popular alternatives (Vorbis, Opus, AAC) due to ...
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How often should the [pc] tag be used?

Lately, I've been noticing a lot of questions that use the pc tag along with another relevant tag. Although PC is technically related to a very large amount of hardware, does it really need to be used ...
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Remove the [name] tag?

Should we keep the name tag? The tag doesn't itself contain any information. Almost any post can have it. There's only one question marked with this tag and the tag is useless there.
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What is the right tag for a computer SMPS? power supply seems to be too generic

A desktop computer SMPS / power supply unit is widely known as SMPS and it referrers to the desktop computer Power Unit. On the other had a "power supply" or "power-supply" tag seems to be too broad ...
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