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Should questions conditioned on price include the location of the buyer? [duplicate]

Prices may vary depending on the location. Should questions conditioned on price include the location? (e.g. What's a good non-iPhone smartphone that's reasonably priced and specced?)
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What type of hardware is allowed?

I have asked this question: Standing desk with ability to raise/lower? It is receiving a few close votes for "not about computing hardware." A key thing this site will need to determine is what the ...
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Are "does 'x' meet these criteria" questions allowed?

Prompted by this question, should we allow questions that lay out a set of requirements and then ask if a specific piece of hardware fits them?
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How broad can questions be?

There may be value in limiting the breadth of questions asked. For example, if I was to ask the question What components should I use to build a quality workstation for under $3000?, there are lots of ...
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Are questions about how to build computers allowed?

I ran into a question asking about, basically, where to put a piece of hardware and not about what hardware to get. Is this acceptable? I don't think this kind of question can be diverted to Superuser ...
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Vote Early, Vote Often!

Note: This post is (nearly) identical to this one on Mythology Stack Exchange I would like to echo a post that Scott Morrison made on Meta.Tex.SE: I'm a moderator from MathOverflow, and this "...
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How can we detect (and deal with) spam?

The premise of Hardware Recommendations is that Person A is looking for one or more product(s) that will satisfy certain criteria or complete a certain task. Persons B, C, D, etc. may write answers ...
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How are we going to handle questions / answers becoming outdated?

This was brought up on Area 51, but I don't think it was sufficiently addressed. Taking into consideration the following: The primary goal of a Stack Exchange site is not to simply provide an answer ...
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What to do when a question has an answer in another SE?

What to do when a question has an answer in another SE? E.g. the question Should I find a processor with "hyper-threading?": The Intel Core i7 processor has a feature known as "hyper-...
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Are DIY hardware recommendations allowed?

Now, I have been interested in the maker and hacker community for a long time. I have learned about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, etc. Are recommendation questions about such DIY hardware platforms ...
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Should we use [sound] or [audio]?

I just asked a question with the audio tag, on top of an existing question using sound. Which should we use?
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How do we promote our site?

Because some of the private betas are not active enough, it would be nice to talk about promoting our site. Do you have any interesting proposals?
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Are appliance-related questions on-topic?

I think someone asked this on the commitment phrase, but I do not remember the responses. Are we going to allow questions related to appliances? An example could it be: Which washer/dryer allows ...
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14 answers

What should we call our chatroom?

We have a chatroom. It's currently called "Hardware Recommendations", which is the default name for a new site's chatroom. What better names are there? As one of the Real Essential Meta Questions, ...
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Pricing as a requirement

How do we handle pricing requirements stated in questions? Do we: Consider them hard limits? Expect proof of sale-price in all answers? One of the problems is that pricing differs all over the ...
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My account has been banned after 3 questions, where only 1 question has negative votes

You've asked 3 questions recently, some of which have not been received very well by the community. I've asked 3 questions, 2 questions with 0 votes, the 3rd with -4. Is it really enough to get the ...
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Are "What should I consider when buying" questions allowed? [duplicate]

Note that this discussion is no longer current. We revisited this topic later in the life of this site. Please see Do we still want general advice questions? and post your thoughts there. Should we ...
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Are "X vs. Y" questions allowed?

On SR, we decided that "X vs. Y" is not a good question. Thumbing through the example questions for this site on Area 51, I see a few of them: Do mechanical keyboards have any real ...
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Should we have SR-style quality guidelines for questions and answers?

This site is different than most - we're an opinion based site. This topic is the reason 'shopping recommendations' were banned on Stack Overflow. If we don't want to become a spam center, I think we ...
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