I have a question about my Hardware Recommendations Stack Exchange post: How relevant are sound cards for a gaming PC?

I joined this StackExchange a couple weeks ago because I want to buy a new gaming PC and have some questions about which hardware zu choose. Since then, every questions I asked was removed by a moderator. One for good reason (too broad) but with the others I really can't see why they wouldn't fit this side.

An example is the question above: It says that the question was removed because it's a technical support request and that this site is meant for pre-purchase recommendations. But that's exactly what my question is about. I even explicitly state that I'm putting togehter a PC. So I would like to know why it got removed.

  • i would have liked to see answers on this sound card topic.
    – ron
    Dec 5, 2019 at 20:46
  • An answer was given before the question got removed. Can't you see it when you click the link? Dec 6, 2019 at 7:55

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There's a thin line between pre-purchase, and allowing any tech support question because it might help someone buy a product. Your questions are falling into the latter category. Pre-purchase is for when you've almost made a decision, but need more information about whether a product fits your requirements or not; it's not for general information about categories of hardware.

This site has a very narrow scope, and only certain kinds of questions work well here; for general or technical advice or support, you're better off asking on more traditional forums (or, possibly, Super User, if it's on-topic there).

Some useful things to read: What topics can I ask about here?; What is Hardware?, and our quality guidelines for questions.

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